You must book your move via the Portal at least 48 hours prior to your move in or out. Bookings are subject to availability. To book your Move In or Move Out visit the 'Services' page at the top of your screen.
Click the ‘Facilities’ page on the home menu to select which Rooftop Facility you want to book for exclusive use. Payments can be made via Credit Card.
Visit the ‘Lifestyle’ page on the home menu to select the service you require.
All users of the gym, including guests, must be professionally inducted on the equipment by the Owners Corporation’s appointed personal trainer prior to being granted access to the gym. Your security fob will be activated for the gym once Building Management have confirmed you have completed the induction.


Residential bike storage areas are located on GND.

Plans describing the locations of the bike storage areas can be found on the 'Services' page at the top of your screen, under the 'Maps' section of 'Building Documents'.

Bikes are not to be transported in lifts or through the main entry foyer at any time. Access to the bike storage areas is via your security fob. Please contact building management to arrange access permissions for your security fobs.

There is a general waste garbage chute and a separate recycling chute in the main lift core servicing levels 1 – 9 only. Residents on Lower Ground 1 and Ground do not have access to this bin chute and are to dispose of general waste in the bin rooms near the riverfront lift on these levels. There is a central bin holding room located on Lower Ground 1 in the Eden part of the basement, near the main car park entrance. This room contains large bins and is where items not suitable for the waste garbage or recycling chutes must be taken. For access to this room, please contact Building Management. General waste or recycling rubbish or rubbish bags MUST NOT be left outside your apartment door, on balconies or on the floor in or near any of the bin rooms. Should cleaners have to remove rubbish from a place it shouldn’t be, you will be charged a fee for its removal.
Please refer to the 'Emergency Procedures' document in the 'Standard Documents' section of the 'Services' page found at the top of your screen.
Please refer to the 'Intercom instructions' document in the 'Standard Documents' section of the 'Services' page found at the top of your screen.
Visitors are to park in the public section of the basement car park which is managed by CarePark. A ticket must be purchased from one of the ticket machines and displayed on the dashboard. The CarePark spaces are clearly signed and are linemarked in white paint. Parking is fee for the first half hour, but a ticket is still required.
If you are not home when a letter or parcel arrives that requires a signature, Building Management can accept the parcel on your behalf. Letters and parcels too large to be placed in your mailbox will be stored in the Building Managers office, and a parcel notification slip will be placed in your mailbox.
You must speak to Building Management to arrange delivery of large items. A large item includes furniture, goods, equipment and any item which cannot be carried safely by one person or which may damage or obstruct any part of the Common Property. Delivery of such items is not permitted through the main or riverfront lobbies.

Building Manager

Monday-Friday: 7.30am – 4.00pm

Acacia Place Support

Monday-Friday: 2.00pm – 4.30pm

Assistant Building Manager(s)

Wednesday-Thursday: 8.30am – 5.00pm

Friday: 11.30am – 8.00pm

Saturday & Sunday: 9.30am – 6.00pm

Building Manager:

Phone: 0402 703 364


Acacia Place Support:

Phone: 0427 003 404


For additional security fobs and remote controls visit the 'Services' page and follow the 'Additional Access Control' link. Building Management will arrange for your security fob or remote control to be programmed and provided to you once payment has been received.

Additional security fobs are $80.

Additional remote controls are $120.

Animals must be properly restrained and kept on a leash or carried in a cage at all times when on Common Property. Pets are not allowed on the rooftop or in any of the recreational areas. The Council can permanently remove a pet from Acacia Place if it has resolved that the animal is causing a nuisance. Please refer to the City of Yarra - Animal Management website ( for helpful hints on how to avoid your pet being a nuisance for other residents.

Please speak to the building manager if you have concerns with another individual in the building disturbing your peaceful enjoyment of the property. Should you wish to lodge a formal complaint the building manager can provide you with a complaint form. This complaint form is forwarded to the Owners Corporation management team and you should receive a response within 2 business days outlining the process from there.

Please contact the Owners Corporation Manager (03 9522 8423) or your leasing agent should you require further information on the dispute resolution process. For afterhours assistance please contact the Police.


The Owners Corporation has a Building Insurance policy which covers accidental loss and damage to the building. All improvements and structural fittings including fixed plant, machinery and underground services owned by the Owners Corporation and items built, constructed or installed permanently in the building. Please refer to the Certificate of Currency and Policy Disclosure Statement under ‘Standard Documents’ by visiting the ‘Services Page’ at Sanctuary online. For further information on the building insurance policy please contact the Owners Corporation appointed insurance broker, Insurance Services and Management Pty Ltd (ISM) directly either on +61 3 8608 0750 or email to

Please be advised that the insurance taken out by the Owners Corporation excludes cover for contents, carpets and fixtures and fittings within each apartment. Landlord insurance is applicable to Landlords and typically covers fixtures and fittings and public liability. Contents insurance is applicable to Owner Occupiers and typically covers the contents within an apartment and personal liability. Storage areas containing personal items are not covered by the Owners Corporation insurance policy. Owners must ensure their insurance covers their storage areas.

Any personal items on common property and vehicles are not covered by the Owners Corporation insurance. For more information please refer to the 'Residents Manual' by visiting the 'Standard Documents' section of the 'Services' page found at the top of your screen. It is recommended lot owners obtain contents and/or landlord insurance to cover public liability and damage to household and personal items inside their apartment, storage cage and/or car space.


Your apartment is covered by Defect Rectification Period for the first 9 months after the Occupancy Permit is issued. During this time, the builder is obliged to rectify any defects within your apartment which were caused by faulty materials or workmanship. To further understand what is deemed a 'Defect' please refer to the 'Residents Manual' by visiting the 'Standard Documents' section of the 'Services' page found at the top of your screen.

If you believe there is a defect in your apartment you will need to notify Maintenance of a defect(s), please visit the ‘Services Page’.

If you are an owner-occupier, please lodge the defect as an apartment defect. If you are a tenant, please contact your agent to have your defect reported. Through the services page you will be able to submit a ‘support ticket’. The portal will notify Hamton’s customer care team, who will assess the issue, and if necessary notify the builder, who will contact you to arrange a convenient time to rectify the defect. Please note that Building Management is not responsible for maintenance issues inside your apartment. If you submit a support ticket for an issue which is not deemed a defect, you will be advised (depending on the issue, by either Hamton or the builder) how your issue can be resolved.

Often, very simple things which aren’t defects can be causing problems – e.g. power points switched off or taps turned off inside the cupboard under your sink causing the dishwasher not to work. Please note the following: After the 9-month DRP, any defects (which are not pre-existing) are your responsibility to rectify. An exception to the above is that certain aspects of your apartment (including the structure, waterproofing, appliances etc.) come with warranties which extend beyond the DRP. If you believe you have an issue which might be covered by a warranty, you need to contact the builder through the owner or the agent.

The builder will only respond to defects notified by apartment owners or their agents. Defects within apartments ARE NOT the responsibility of the Building Manager. The Building Manager works for the Owners Corporation to manage the common property within Sanctuary, not to manage issues within private apartments.

Residents are encouraged to report any common area faults or hazards to Building Management so they may be rectified in a timely fashion. Examples may include trip hazards in common areas, faulty lifts or AV equipment, damaged gym equipment or hallway light failures. For the safety and enjoyment of all residents, please report all incidents. To report common area faults, defects or damage, please login to the resident portal, where a support ticket can be submitted and then the issue can be resolved.

The Owners Corporation will organise for the inaccessible windows and external balcony balustrades to be cleaned a minimum of once per annum. Residents will be notified prior to the cleaning taking place.


The Owners Corporation Rules must be adhered to by all owners and occupiers of a lot. A copy of the rules can be found by visiting 'OC Rules' section of the ‘Services' page found at the top of your screen.
Common property is created on a plan of subdivision once a subdivision of land is registered. Typically common property includes landscaping and gardens, corridors, walls, stairwells, pathways, driveways, lifts, foyers and recreational areas such as the gym. The Owners Corporation is responsible for the common property - the Owners Corporations Act 2006 states that the Owners Corporation must, among other things, manage, administer, repair and maintain the common property.


If you are experiencing a problem with the Portal please contact with details of your problem.
Please contact and we can remove your account for you.


Please visit the 'Services' page at the top of this screen. Information on the connection of your utilities is listed under the 'Connect' section.
All residents have the freedom to choose their energy retailer of choice. Should you choose an alternate retailer you need to advise them that your apartment or tenancy is part of an embedded network as a new meter will need to be installed by your chosen retailer. We recommend you ask your retailer to contact Winenergy to coordinate the changeover of meters so that your tenancy is not without power. Please note: You may be charged a New Connection Fee by your retailer. No fee for the decommissioning of the embedded network meter will be charged to you by WINenergy.
The Foxtel connection points in your apartments also supplies the free-to-air feed for residents. You do not require a Foxtel account to use the free-to-air feed. You only need to connect an F-RF cable into the Foxtel point and your television and you will receive the Free-to-Air service.
Acacia Place has partnered with GoGet Car Share to provide residents with the benefits of a car without the hassle and expense or owning one. The GoGet car share is located in the Eden basement, which you can rent by the hour or day, whenever you need to. Please visit the GoGet 'Car Share' page under 'Lifestyle' from the top navigation menu.